Guest Speaker: “United States of Hate” Feb. 25

On February 25, at 7:00 pm, at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, Dignity/Washington welcomes Mr. C.R. Gibbs who will present “United States of Hate”. Mr. C.R. Gibbs is the author/co-author of six books and a frequent national and international lecturer on an array of historical topics. He has appeared several times on the History Channel, French and Belgian television, and he wrote, researched, and narrated “Sketches In Color,” a 13-part companion series to the acclaimed PBS series, “The Civil War” for WHUT-TV, the Howard University television station. The Smithsonian Institution’s Anacostia Museum features Mr. Gibbs among its scholars at the museum’s Online Academy website. He is also a D.C. Humanities Council scholar.

In 1989, he founded the African History & Culture Lecture Series whose scholars continue to provide free presentations at libraries, churches, and other locations in the Washington-Baltimore area. In 1997, he led 26 people across the African continent. He won the 2008 Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation in Speaker Series Public Education, given annually by the Mayor of the District of Columbia.

In 2009, the Congressional Black Caucus Veterans Brain Trust honored Mr. Gibbs for his more than three decades of articles, exhibits, and presentations on the military heritage of African and African Americans. In 2011, he provided historical commentary for WUSA-TV, Channel 9’s coverage of the dedication of the King Memorial. In February 2013, he also appeared in the PBS documentary, “Meet Me At Equality” on the 1963 March on Washington. That same year, Mr. Gibbs also spoke at the annual observance of International Emancipation Day in Toronto, Canada. In 2014, Mr. Gibbs was a featured speaker at the National Civil War Project, a joint event sponsored by Arena Stage & George Washington University. In 2015, Mr. Gibbs was chosen one the 50 most influential people in the city by the Washington Informer newspaper.

My “United States of Hate” is an investigation into the roots of American racism. The presentation traces the poisonous tendrils of bigotry and intolerance from the era of the formation of the U.S. Constitution and the domestic slave trade directly through the Civil War, the rise of the Klan, and the origins and expansion of Jim Crow down to today’s 21st century resurgence of prejudice and the so called “Alt-Right”s attempts to make antipathy toward human diversity fashionable again. I end by offering a timely prescription for peace and respect.

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