Liturgy Committee

Liturgical Planning

Liturgy is where we gather at table as children of God, and is the central focus of our Dignity Washington community. The Dignity Washington Liturgy Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating all aspects of the community’s liturgical and sacramental life, including weekly Sunday evening Masses, liturgical services for Holy Days, and other special liturgical services as needed throughout the year.

The Liturgy Committee meets periodically to plan regular and special liturgies. Please look for notices in the Sunday bulletin about date and time (usually at 4:30pm before Sunday Mass). For immediate answers/concerns, contact a Board member, call the Dignity Washington office, or ask one of the sacristans at the back of the church before Mass.

Liturgical Ministries

The Liturgy Committee is always seeking members of the community to serve as Liturgical Ministers for our weekly Sunday Masses in any and all of the following roles: Acolyte; Eucharistic Minister; Lector; Bread Baker; and Sacristan. All members of the Dignity Washington community are invited and encouraged to consider actively participating in our Sunday Mass in one or more of these important ways.