Speaker Series

Dignity/Washington’s Guest Speaker Series attempts to provide D/W members
and friends with opportunities to hear from:

  • Catholic champions of peace, justice, gender and LGBTQ equality
  • Contrasting LGBTQ voices that help us appreciate our own diversity
  • Inspiring peace activists of diverse faith traditions and sexual orientations
  • Intellectuals who help us reframe and reinterpret our situation and options as LGBTQ Catholics
  • Personal stories of transition journeys, from institutional insiders to marginalized dissidents, and from LGBTQ adult converts to Catholicism
  • Speakers who enhance our worldview with presentations that help shape meaningful conversations on church governance, ministry, policy, social justice, and spirituality issues

Dignity/Washington’s Guest Speaker Series also attempts to be a community-building outreach tool towards other social justice organizations, and to provide a modest, but enriching, contribution to the larger DC community as well.

Guest Speaker Series Coordinator: José Luis Sánchez.
Click on the link below to read summaries of guest lectures that Dignity/Washington has sponsored.

Dignity/Washington Speaker Series


Theologian Mary Hunt

Theologian Mary Hunt

RevAllison Earl-01