AD Hoc Advisory Committee on Aging

Dignity/Washington, through the work of its Committee on Aging, offers a variety of services to our brothers and sisters who are aging or ill and in need of some special assistance. We depend on our fellow members to keep us informed.

If you know of a fellow member who could use some special assistance and attention because of illness or aging, whether on a short or long term basis, please contact one of the members of the Committee on Aging. We also are looking for people that have skills to offer that may be able to assist those in need. If you or someone you know is interested please reach out to the committee members as well.

Jim Sweeney (202) 320-6077
Curt Thorstensen (847) 644-1679
David Lamdin (703) 243-2350
James Bedore (202) 667-3962
John Fegan (202) 291-2277
Len Latham (202) 554-0531

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