Pentecost Sunday and 40th Anniversary


Dignity/Washington Celebrates Pentecost and 40th Anniversary

As part of the Pentecost Anniversary Celebration the Scriptural Mass readings were done in French, Spanish, German and Tagalog (Philippines), in addition to English. This year’s celebration fell on May 15 and marked the fortieth anniversary, since Pentecost Sunday, June 6, 1976, that the Dignity/Washington community has celebrated Sunday Mass for the LGBTQ community of the metro DC area, our families and friends. With the exception of only two Sundays when we could not meet due to severe snow storms, we have offered a welcoming Mass to those who have sought its blessings.

Dignity/Washington has moved several times, including when we were forced out of Saint William’s Chapel at Georgetown University, upon the issuance of directives from Vatican officials that prohibited us from using Catholic facilities. We were not deterred by their opposition but instead grew in our resolve to continue our work. With gratitude we celebrate at our current location of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church thanks to that congregation’s constant and unwavering support of our mission. Hundreds of individuals have lent their time and talent to make this truly “liturgy” in the root sense of the word, that is “the work of the people,” over these many years and we are grateful to everyone of them.

Reviving a tradition in our community that had lapsed, Anniversary Pins were given out to recognize and honor members for their years of membership. 132 pins will be awarded over the next weeks with the following breakdown: 40 year — 4 pins 35 year — 10 pins 30 year — 9 pins 25 year — 23 pins 20 year — 22 pins 15 year — 7 pins 10 year — 25 pins 5 year — 32 pins Dignity/Washington cherishes all of these members for the variety of gifts that they continue to share and that enable the community to exercise its ministry and mission. Thank you to all. Most of all, we have all benefited from the grace of God in Christ and the action of the Holy Spirit. Rejoice with us.

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