WATERritual on March 26

The Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER) invites you and your networks to join them for their upcoming monthly program “Pray with Us to Welcome Spring Renewal” on Zoom, Tuesday, March 26, at 7:30pm with Diann Neu and the WATER Community. You are invited to come and pray with them as they welcome spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Click here to register for the program.

The Story of WATER

More than four decades ago, two courageous women saw a need and took a risk that has shaped the feminist religious movement. Mary E Hunt and Diann L Neu gathered thirteen women from various faith backgrounds and created a place where women’s religious needs could be met and women’s creativity nurtured. WATER was born.

WATER is a non-profit educational center and public charity in Silver Spring, MD, that focuses on feminist work in religion. Since its founding in 1983, WATER has built a growing network of scholars, ministers, and activists around the world who are committed to engaging theological training and scholarship in the service of social change. They promote empowerment, justice, peace, and systemic change.

WATER transforms religious structures by strengthening women as religious agents and encouraging them to work for inclusive religious communities and an egalitarian future. They have a global impact, an international reach. They promote eco-feminist work and are collaborative and participative as they work in alliance with justice networks worldwide.
For more than forty years, WATER, thanks to supporters and funding partners, has demonstrated the financial stability and simple living necessary to create and sustain efficient and high-quality services for people in need. They operate on the principle of non-discrimination regarding race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ability, and national origin.

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