Community Sessions on Being More Social Justice Oriented

D/W is leading a series of conversations pertaining to race, bias, and ally-ship. These sessions are the first steps in challenging us in shifting the practice of being non-racist to becoming an anti-racist in our community. In these series of sessions, we will ask questions related to how we, as individuals and the community, can become stronger voices in ending “white advantage” and in doing so, create a more equitable community and world for our Black and brown friends and neighbors.

Over these sessions, there will be an opportunity for education and community discussions on ways we consciously and unconsciously enforce and reinforce white advantages in D/W and in our lives. The goal of these ongoing sessions is to equip us with the tools necessary to participate in self-reflection and personal growth necessary to proactively address and rectify biases in ourselves, our peers, and our community via restorative practices.

We encourage all members to view recordings of past sessions below (edited to remove sharing from attendees) and be sure to join us for upcoming sessions during which we will disucss as a community how we can be the community we have always aimed to be for our members, our community, and our city.




How Microaggressions Are Like Mosquito Bites 

Whiteness: White Privilege and the Invisible Race 

Race in America: Corporate Leadership (presented by the Washington Post) <br.<

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